Sheet Music

FCMG has an extensive library of sheet music for hire, particularly for upper voices.

Please contact us if you would like to hire any copies.

Hire charges for a 16 week period are:

  • Sets of up to 50 copies £15 + p&p per set.
  • Sets of more than 50 copies £18 +p&p
  • Collections £18 per set +p&p

Normal maximum hire period is 16 weeks, a further hire charge of £5 will be made for each extra week.
Lost or damaged copies should be replaced by hirers, unless out of print, when a small charge will be made to obtain an authorised photocopy.

ARNOLD MThree Songs from the TempestUPaterson68Unison
BENNETT. RRThe AviaryUUniversal62Unison
BENNETT. RRThe AviaryVocal ScoreUniversal3Unison
BENNETT. RRThe Insect WorldUUniversal93Unison
BENNETT. RRThe Insect WorldVocal ScoreUniversal4Unison
BESWICK. APick & Chose – 5 songsUUniversal40Unison
BRITTEN BThe BirdsUBoosey & Hawkes80Unison
BRITTEN BCorpus Christi CarolUOUP91Unison
BRITTEN BFriday AfternoonsUBoosey & Hawkes45Unison
BRITTEN BKing Herod and The CockUBoosey & Hawkes88Unison
CHEN. NDodi LiUBoosey & Hawkes42Unison
COOMBES. DCarols of the ElementsU SALindsay Music41Unison
COPE CThe AppleUBoosey & Hawkes36Unison
EROD. IMilktooth SongsUBoosey & Hawkes67Unison
EROD. IMilktooth SongsVocal ScoreBoosey & Hawkes3Unison
GOETZE. MDormi DormiUBoosey & Hawkes40Unison
GREGSON. EFairground SongsUBoosey & Hawkes40Unison
HOLST GEight CanonsUFaber13Unison
JOSEPHS WHappitaphsU SABoosey & Hawkes42Unison
LANGLAIS JMissa in SimplicitateUEditions Musicale de la Schola Cantorum56Unison
MAW NCalico Pie & other NRsUBoosey & Hawkes31Unison
MAW NCalico Pie & other NRsVocal ScoreBoosey & Hawkes3Unison
MAW NCaroline Pink & other NRsUBoosey & Hawkes37Unison
MAW NCaroline Pink & other NRsVocal ScoreBoosey & Hawkes3Unison
MAW NRoundUBoosey & Hawkes27Unison
PERRY. NThe FrogUOUP32Unison
PERRY. NOld Mister NoahUOUP5Unison
QUILTER. RNon Nobis DomineUBoosey & Hawkes99Unison
RAO D (Ed)We Will Sing Vol 1UBoosey & Hawkes36Unison
RAO D (Ed)We Will Sing Vol 2UBoosey & Hawkes40Unison
RAO D (Ed)We Will Sing Vol 3U SABoosey & Hawkes60Unison
ROE BMoonsongsUThames Elkin30Unison
RUTTER JThe Shepherd’s Pipe CarolUOUP46Unison
SEIBER. MThe Handsome ButcherUCurwen11Unison
WARLOCK PBallulalowUOUP38Unison
APPLEBYSing at SightOUP22Sight Singing
CROCKER & LEAVITTEssential Sightsinging Vol 1Hal Leonard20Sight Singing
CROCKER & LEAVITTEssential Sightsinging Vol 2Hal Leonard15Sight Singing
ARCH GCarnival – based on Saint-Saëns CarnivalSSAFaber46Upper Voices
ARLEN HSomewhere over the RainbowSSAAAlfred Publishing45Upper Voices
ASTON. P3 Shakespeare SongsSSANovello23Upper Voices
BARTOK. BEnchanting SongSSABoosey & Hawkes52Upper Voices
BARTOK. BHussarSABoosey & Hawkes79Upper Voices
BARTOK. BOnly Tell MeSABoosey & Hawkes42Upper Voices
BARTOK. BSpringSSABoosey & Hawkes37Upper Voices
BARTOK. BThe Wooing of a GirlSSABoosey & Hawkes48Upper Voices
BENNETT RRAll the King’s MenSAUniversal40Upper Voices
BENNETT RRAll the King’s MenVocal ScoreUniversal2Upper Voices
BENNETT RRBalulalowSSAUniversal68Upper Voices
BENNETT RRDormi JesuSSAUniversal25Upper Voices
BERTAUX. BPick a Bale of CottonSABoosey & Hawkes42Upper Voices
BRIDGE. FThe Graceful Swaying wattleSABoosey & Hawkes47Upper Voices
BRIDGE. FThe GoslingsSANovello63Upper Voices
BRIDGE. FPeter PiperSSABoosey & Hawkes85Upper Voices
BRITTEN BMissa BrevisSSABoosey & Hawkes61Upper Voices
BRITTEN BMissa BrevisVocal ScoreBoosey & Hawkes1Upper Voices
BRITTEN BCeremony of CarolsSSABoosey & Hawkes74Upper Voices
BRITTEN BChildren’s CrusadeChoral ScoresFaber85Upper Voices
BRITTEN BFancieSSABoosey & Hawkes58Upper Voices
BRITTEN BThe Golden VanityChoral ScoresFaber53Upper Voices
BRITTEN BThe Little SweepSABoosey & Hawkes26Upper Voices
BRITTEN BNoyes FluddeChoral ScoresBoosey & Hawkes49Upper Voices
BRITTEN BNoyes FluddeVocal ScoreBoosey & Hawkes14Upper Voices
BRITTEN BNoyes FluddeFull ScoreBoosey & Hawkes1Upper Voices
BRITTEN BNoyes FluddeOrchestral PartsBoosey & Hawkes/td>Upper Voices
BRITTEN BPsalm 150SABoosey & Hawkes85Upper Voices
BRITTEN BPsalm 150Vocal ScoreBoosey & Hawkes2Upper Voices
BRITTEN BPsalm 150Orchestral PartsBoosey & Hawkes2Upper Voices
BRITTEN BRejoice in the LambSSAABoosey & Hawkes47Upper Voices
BRITTEN BThe OxenSAFaber10Upper Voices
BRITTEN BThree Two Part SongsSAOUP87Upper Voices
BRITTEN BWar RequiemSABoosey & Hawkes60Upper Voices
BRAHMS J8 Romantic PartsongsSSAAFaber85Upper Voices
BULLARD AScots NativitySAOUP35Upper Voices
CARTER AMaiden Most GentleSSAOUP88Upper Voices
CARTER AMistletoe carolSAAOUP58Upper Voices
CARTER ASweet was the Song the Virgin SangSSOUP92Upper Voices
CHESNOKOV PCherubic HymnSSAAMusica Russica43Upper Voices
CHESNOKOV PGladsome LightSSAAMusica Russica48Upper Voices
CHILCOTT BFriendsSSAOUP27Upper Voices
CHILCOTT BMusic to HearSAOUP71Upper Voices
COLLINS CChatter with the AngelsSABoosey & Hawkes42Upper Voices
COOMBES DThe Ship That Never Returned & Bobby ShaftoeSSARoberton Publications25Upper Voices
COOMBES DThe Three KingsSSALindsay Music39Upper Voices
COPLAND. AI bought me a CatSSABoosey & Hawkes52Upper Voices
COPLAND. ALong Time AgoSSABoosey & Hawkes9Upper Voices
COPLAND. AThe Little HorsesSSABoosey & Hawkes32Upper Voices
COPLAND. ASimple GiftsSABoosey & Hawkes27Upper Voices
CROSSE GHolly From The BongsSSAOUP27Upper Voices
CROSSE GMeet My FolksSAOUP64Upper Voices
CROSSE GMeet My FolksFull ScoreOUP1Upper Voices
CROSSE GRats AwaySAOUP50Upper Voices
CROSSE GRats AwayScoreOUP1Upper Voices
CROSSE GRats AwayOrchestral PartsOUPUpper Voices
CROSSE GTwo Christmas SongsSAOUP25Upper Voices
DAVIDSON CBaroque SuiteSSAAshbourne Music69Upper Voices
DAVIDSON CA Singing of AngelsSSAAshbourne Music40Upper Voices
DAVIES PMAlma Redemptoris MaterSSAASchott37Upper Voices
DAVIES PMFive CarolsSSABoosey & Hawkes47Upper Voices
DAVIES PMKirkwall Shopping SongsSABoosey & Hawkes11Upper Voices
DAVIES PMKirkwall Shopping SongsVocal ScoreBoosey & Hawkes1Upper Voices
DAVIES PMKirkwall Shopping SongsFull ScoreBoosey & Hawkes1Upper Voices
DAVIES PMKirkwall Shopping SongsPercussionBoosey & HawkesUpper Voices
DAVIES PMShall I Die for Mannis Sake?SABoosey & Hawkes28Upper Voices
DURUFLE. MTota Pulcra EsSSAEditions Durand80Upper Voices
ELGAR EThe SnowSSANovello62Upper Voices
ELGAR EAs Torrents in SummerSSANovello63Upper Voices
ELLIOT. DThe Shenendoah BluesSABoosey & Hawkes82Upper Voices
FAURE. GMesse Basse,Cantique De JR, Ave VerumSA SSANovello92Upper Voices
FAURE. GFrom 6 Motets for Upper VoicesSSAFaber50Upper Voices
FINZI. GDead in the ColdSABoosey & Hawkes90Upper Voices
FINZI. GThere’s Snow on the FieldsSABoosey & Hawkes90Upper Voices
FRANK. CPanis AngelicusSAEdwin Ashdown71Upper Voices
GARDNER. JThe Holly & The IvySSAOUP86Upper Voices
GARDNER. JFive Hymns in Popular StyleSSAOUP72Upper Voices
GARDNER. JTomorrow Shall be my Dancing DaySSAOUP84Upper Voices
GERMAN. EOrpheus with his LuteSANovello65Upper Voices
GERMAN. ERolling Down to RioSANovello86Upper Voices
GIBBS C AFive EyesSABoosey & Hawkes86Upper Voices
GOETZE. MThe Angel GabrielSABoosey & Hawkes35Upper Voices
HATFIELD SOdi OdiSSABoosey & Hawkes82Upper Voices
HEAD MStar CandlesSABoosey & Hawkes93Upper Voices
HELMS SUTCLIFFE JLet us go a carollingSSABoosey & Hawkes40Upper Voices
HINTON AAt Christmas be MerrySSSSOUP39Upper Voices
HOLST GAve MariaSSAALaudy & Co47Upper Voices
HOLST GFour CarolsSSABailey & Ferguson78Upper Voices
HOLST GLullay My LikingSSAACurwen41Upper Voices
HOLST GRig Veda 3SSAAStainer & Bell66Upper Voices
HOLST ITwenty Traditional FolksongsSSAAFaber52Upper Voices
HOWELLS HPiping Down The Valleys WildSABoosey & Hawkes69Upper Voices
HUGH RKenya MelodiesSSABoosey & Hawkes81Upper Voices
IRELAND JSee How the Morning SmilesSABanks57Upper Voices
JANACEK LDie WolfsspurSSAAEdition Supraphon24Upper Voices
JENNINGS CA Menagerie of SongsSS & UHal Leonard46Upper Voices
JOSEPHS WProtégé MoiSSABoosey & Hawkes30Upper Voices
KESSELMAN. LMbiri Kuna MwaraSSABoosey & Hawkes80Upper Voices
KESSELMAN. LShalom FriendsSABoosey & Hawkes81Upper Voices
KODALY. ZAve MariaSSAUniversal85Upper Voices
KODALY. ZBiania Hungaria Vol 1 (Kodaly Method)SABoosey & Hawkes25Upper Voices
KODALY. ZBiania Hungaria Vol 2 (Kodaly Method)SABoosey & Hawkes27Upper Voices
KODALY. ZChristmas Dance of the ShepherdsSAUniversal88Upper Voices
KODALY. ZA Christmas CarolSSAOUP52Upper Voices
KODALY. ZEvening SongSSABoosey & Hawkes50Upper Voices
KODALY. ZFancySSABoosey & Hawkes40Upper Voices
KODALY. ZGipsy LamentSSAOUP102Upper Voices
KODALY. ZLadybirdSSABoosey & Hawkes97Upper Voices
KODALY. ZMountain NightsSSAUniversal19Upper Voices
KODALY. ZPsalm 150SSAOUP58Upper Voices
KODALY. ZSee the GypsiesSSAOUP55Upper Voices
KODALY. ZThe Swallows WooingSSAOUP81Upper Voices
KODALY. ZWainamoien Makes MusicSSAABoosey & Hawkes35Upper Voices
LANDOWSKI MThe Witch of the BroomcupboardChoral ScoresEditions Salabert30Upper Voices
LANDOWSKI MThe Witch of the BroomcupboardVocal ScoreEditions Salabert28Upper Voices
LEIGHTON. KAn Easter SequenceSAOUP98Upper Voices
LUTOWSLASKI WAbout Mr TralallinskiSSAChester55Upper Voices
LUTOWSLASKI WThree Children’s SongsSSAChester68Upper Voices
LUTOWSLASKI WTwo NightingalesSSAChester51Upper Voices
MACHONCHY. ETwo EpitaphsSSAChester66Upper Voices
MAHLER. GBoys Chorus from 8th SymphonySAUniversal38Upper Voices
MACMILLAN JSonnetSSBoosey & Hawkes70Upper Voices
MARTINU. BThe Birth of our LordSSABoosey & Hawkes87Upper Voices
MARTINU. BThe Birth of our LordViolin PartsBoosey & Hawkes2Upper Voices
MARTINU. BThree Part SongsSSABoosey & Hawkes96Upper Voices
MATHIAS. WO Aula NobilisSSAOUP61Upper Voices
MENDELSSOHN F2 MotetsSSAEdition Wilhelm Hansen60Upper Voices
MOERANThe Lover & his LassSSNovello27Upper Voices
MONTIVERDI CAve MariaSSAAnnie Bank Amsterdam24Upper Voices
NEAUM M.Wind in the Olive TreesSAOUP40Upper Voices
OLDHAM. AI sing of a MaidenSSBoosey & Hawkes20Upper Voices
OXLEY. HMater Orum FiliumSANovello86Upper Voices
PATTERSONThe Red Riding Hood SongbookSSAAJoseph Weinburger60Upper Voices
PINKHAM. DTe DeumSARobert King Music80Upper Voices
PINKHAM. DTe Deum3 Trumpet PartsRobert King MusicUpper Voices
POULENC. FAve MariaSSARRicordi95Upper Voices
POULENC. FLitanies a La Vierge NoireSSAREditions Durand61Upper Voices
POULENC. FPetits VoixSSAREditions Salabert88Upper Voices
RHEINBURGERMass in GSSARCarus Verlag66Upper Voices
RHEINBURGERMass in GVocal ScoreRCarus Verlag1Upper Voices
ROE BA Cat’s TaleSARThames Publishing46Upper Voices
ROE BA Cat’s TaleLibrettoRThames Publishing15Upper Voices
ROSSITER (ARR)The Angel GabrielSSA54Upper Voices
RUTTER JThe Angel’s CarolSAROUP36Upper Voices
SAINT-SAENS CFrom 6 Motets for Upper VoicesSA SSAARFaber50Upper Voices
SALLINEN. ASongs from the SeaSSAARNovello71Upper Voices
SAXTON. RThe Child of LightSSRChester50Upper Voices
SCHUBERT. FThree Part SongsSSAARFaber82Upper Voices
SLESSORDe Virgin Mary had a Baby BoySSAARBoosey & Hawkes82Upper Voices
SWAYNE. GAlleluiaSSARNovello76Upper Voices
TIPPETT MCrown of the YearSSARSchott40Upper Voices
TIPPETT MCrown of the YearOrchestral PartsRSchott40Upper Voices
WALKER. RThree Early English LyricsSSAARJoseph Weinburger49Upper Voices
WARLOCK. PLullabySSARBoosey & Hawkes50Upper Voices
WARLOCK. PThe First MercySSARBoosey & Hawkes80Upper Voices
WILLIAMSON MJulius Caesar JonesChoral ScoresRJoseph Weinburger26Upper Voices
WILLIAMSON MJulius Caesar JonesVocal ScoreRJoseph Weinburger7Upper Voices
WILLIAMSON MJulius Caesar JonesLibrettoRJoseph Weinburger1Upper Voices
WILLIAMSON MThe Valley & the HillChoral ScoresRCampion Press31Upper Voices
WILLIAMSON MThe Valley & the HillVocal ScoreRCampion Press1Upper Voices
LEDGER EdAnthems for Choirs 3SSAOUP105Collections
DART EdInvitation to MadrigalsSSAStainer & Bell90Collections
L’ESTRANGE EdSongs of a Rainbow NationSSFaber53Collections
HALSEY EdEnglish Edwardian Part SongsSA SSAFaber85Collections
RUTTER J EdThree Opera ChorusesSSAOUP70Collections
BACH JSKomm Jesu KommSATBBärenreiter45SATB
BARBER. SHeaven-HavenSATBShirmer43SATB
BARBER. SSure on this shining nightSATBShirmer38SATB
BARTOK BThe WandererSATBBoosey& Hawkes40SATB
BRITTEN BCeremony of CarolsSATBBoosey& Hawkes10SATB
BRITTEN BA Hymn to the VirginSATBBoosey& Hawkes44SATB
BRITTEN BWe are the darkness in the heartSATBBoosey& Hawkes16SATB
BRITTEN BSt NicolasVocal ScoreBoosey& Hawkes18SATB
BRITTEN BSt NicolasChoral ScoreBoosey& Hawkes15SATB
BRITTEN BSpring SymphonyVocal ScoreBoosey& Hawkes3SATB
BRUCKNER. AVirga Jesse FloruitSATBPeters9SATB
BRUCKNER. ASix Motets for Mixed VoicesSATBFaber40SATB
CARTER AMiserabile MysteriumSATBOUP18SATB
CARTER ADashing Away with the Smoothing IronSATBBanks35SATB
COAKLEY. DDonkey RidingSATBLeslie Music31SATB
COPLAND ALong Time AgoSATBBoosey& Hawkes36SATB
COPLAND AAt the RiverSATBBoosey& Hawkes30SATB
COPLAND ASimple GiftsTBBoosey& Hawkes27SATB
DAVIES. P MShepherds’ CalendarBoosey& HawkesSATB88SATB
DAVIES. P MO Magnum MysteriumSATBSchott17SATB
DAVIES. P MO Magnum MysteriumOrchestral PartsSchottSATB
DURUFLÉ MTantum ErgoSATBEditions DurandSATB
DURUFLÉ MTu es PetrusSATBEditions Durand30SATB
DURUFLÉ MUbi CaritasSATBEditions Durand27SATB
FINZI GSongs of Frank Bridges Full ScoreSATBBoosey& Hawkes1SATB
FINZI GMy Spirit Sang All DaySATBBoosey& Hawkes53SATB
FINZI GNightingalesSATBoosey& Hawkes9SATB
FINZI GHaste On My JoysSATBBoosey& Hawkes46SATB
FINZI GWherefore Tonight so full of CareSATBBoosey& Hawkes9SATB
GARDNER. JTomorrow Shall be my Dancing DaySATBOUP84SATB
GILBERT & SULLIVANChoruses from Operas Bk 1SATBFaber22SATB
HANDEL GMessiah And the GlorySATBNovello40SATB
HANDEL GMessiah Hallelujah ChorusSATBNovello40SATB
HATFIELD. SJubula JesuSATBBoosey& Hawkes32SATB
HOLST. GNunc DimittisSATBNovello30SATB
HOLST. GLullay My LikingSATB VersionCurwen11SATB
HOLST. GHymn of JesusSATBStainer & Bell20SATB
HOWELLS HSpotless RoseSATBStainer & Bell44SATB
JOEL BAnd so it GoesSATBHal Leonard55SATB
IVES G.O Sacrum ConviviumSATBEncore Publications37SATB
IVES G.Name that TuneSATBBanks20SATB
LALOUX FSalutaris,Tantum Ergo, AdoremusSATBMagnificat Music30SATB
LEONTOVICH MCarol of the BellsSATBCarl Fischer Music30SATB
MACMILLAN JThe Gallant WeaverSATBBoosey& Hawkes40SATB
MAW NThe Angel GabrielSATBBoosey& Hawkes40SATB
MAW NRoundSATBBoosey& Hawkes27SATB
MENDELSSOHN F4 Sacred PartsongsSATBFaber48SATB
PÄRT ADa Pacem DomineSATBUniversal40SATB
PINKHAM. DTe DeumTBRobert King Music80SATB
PINKHAM. DTe DeumTrumpet PartsRobert King Music3SATB
POULENC FMargoton va ta l’iauSATBEditions Salabert35SATB
PURCELL HThou Knowest LordSATBNovello49SATB
PURCELL HHear My Prayer, O LordSATBNovello48SATB
PURCELL HRemember not Lord, Our OffencesSATBNovello40SATB
QUILTER RTo DaffodilsSATBBoosey& Hawkes38SATB
QUILTER RTo DaisiesSATBBoosey& Hawkes48SATB
STANFORD CVThe Blue BirdSATBStainer & Bell42SATB
STANFORD CV3 MotetsSATBBoosey& Hawkes43SATB
TAVERNER. JLove Bade Me WelcomeSATBChester33SATB
TCHAIKOVSKY PMilost Mira (A Mercy of Peace)SATBMusica Russica19SATB
TIPPETT. MSpirituals from Child of Our TimeSATBSchott35SATB
TOCH. EGeographical FugueSATBBelwyn Mills10SATB
TOCH. EValseSATBBelwyn Mills10SATB
VAUGHAN WILLIAMSFantasia on a theme of Christmas CarolsSATBStainer & Bell21SATB
VILLETTE PHymne a la ViergeSATBEditions Durand22SATB
WILLIAMSON. MEpiphany CarolSATBJoseph Weinburger51SATB
JACKSON EdAnthems for Choirs 1SATBOUP30Collections
MORRIS EdAnthems for Choirs 4SATBOUP40Collections
RUTTER EdEuropean Sacred MusicSATBOUP40Collections
ARCH EdFly Me to the MoonSSAFaber65Collections
BROWN EdFrench ChansonsSATBFaber33Collections
BLEZZARD EdPassiontide MasterworksSATBFaber49Collections
ALLWOOD EdBy Popular RequestSATBNovello48Collections
HARE EdNovello Barbershop SongbookTBNovello17Collections

We have a selection of surplus sheet music for SSA and SATB voices for sale – please contact us if you would like to purchase any copies:

ComposerTitleVoicesPublisherCopiesConditionPrice per copy
BartókHussarSABoosey & Hawkes20Very Good£1.50p
BrittenChildren’s CrusadeChorus Part SAFaber Music25Good£2.00p
BrittenPsalm 150Choral Score SABoosey & Hawkes15Very Good/Good£1.00p
Brahms8 Romantic PartsongsSSAAFaber Music5Good£1.50p
Chen (Ed Rao)Dodi LiSABoosey & Hawkes38Very Good£1.00p
DurufléTota Pulchra EsSSAEditions Durand30Very Good/Good£1.50p
Elliott (Ed Rao)The Shenandoah BluesSSABoosey & Hawkes32Very Good£1.00p
Ed HalseyEdwardian English PartsongsSA/SSAFaber Music9Very Good/Good£1.50p
GardnerTomorrow Shall be my Dancing DaySATB/Equal VoicesOUP20Very Good£1.20p
Gardner5 Hymns in Popular StyleVoice Part U/SAPiano PartOUP91Very GoodVery Good£1.50p£2.00p
Hatfield (Ed Rao)Ödi ÖdiSSABoosey & Hawkes18Very Good75p
Hugh (Rao)Kenya MelodiesSSABoosey & Hawkes21Very Good1.00p
Kesselman (Rao)Shalom FriendsSABoosey & Hawkes22Very Good75p
Kesselman (Rao)Mbiri Kuna MwariSSABoosey & Hawkes16Very Good75p
KodalyThe Swallow’s WooingSSAOUP18Very Good1.00p
MartinuThe Shepherd’s Song (from 3 Sacred Songs)SSABoosey & Hawkes56Mixed30p
PinkhamTe DeumVoice parts SA/TB. Organ & 3 TrumpetsRobert King501Good50p£1.00
SchubertThree PartsongsSSAFaber1615 very good 1 marked£1.50p (£1 marked copy)
WilliamsonEpiphany CarolSAWeinburger48Very Good50p