Trustees & Committee

Finchley Children’s Music Group is a charity whose purpose is the promotion of singing and choral training for children aged 4 – 18 in North London. FCMG seeks to give all children a safe, happy experience that challenges and develops their skills as part of the FCMG choirs, performing with excellence and learning with excitement.

FCMG is registered with the Charity Commission and is governed by a Board of Trustees, most of whom have (or have had) children in one of the FCMG choirs. The trustees are elected by the members of the charity at the Annual General Meeting for a three-year term, which is renewable for one further three-year term or longer if they currently have a child in one of the choirs.

FCMG also has a very active committee made up largely of choir parents, some of whom are also trustees, in addition to a part-time General Manager and the Musical Director. The committee members take charge of the day-to-day running of the choirs and the events in which they are involved.

If you are currently an FCMG parent and would like to join the committee please contact the FCMG General Manager via the contact page.

The current trustees and committee are:

Theresa Ward

Chair, Trustee & Committee Member

My three children have been singing in the FCMG Choirs for well over a decade. My eldest is now at university, and my middle daughter is in her final year, a bittersweet time after more than 14 years with FCMG. But as my son is still in Intermediate Choir, I look forward to being involved in FCMG for a good few years to come. I used to love participating in choirs myself including Brighton Festival Chorus and the chorus of Dorset Opera for many years. In my working life, I am a research scientist specialising in the cell biology of host-pathogen interactions for several infectious diseases. I am currently the Chair and I look forward to continuing to support FCMG with all its future plans.

Paul Guenault

Secretary & Trustee

I have 3 daughters who have been in the FCMG choirs and so was involved as a parent for a number of years. The quality of the group both musically and socially is unparalleled and so I am delighted to continue to support FCMG as board secretary and Summer School organiser. A graduate of the Royal Academy of Music, I have worked in education (mainly in secondary schools) for over 25 years and I am currently the director of Bucks Music Trust.

Rouli Kalodiki

Treasurer & Trustee

I am a chartered accountant (FCCA) with more than 25 years’ experience in finance and accountancy, working with both private and not-for-profit organisations. I appreciate arts of any form and feel they are a hugely important part of children’s development. I have valued the benefits of music, dancing and drama in my two daughter’s early years. FCMG is an amazing organisation with a rich curriculum that brings the joys of singing to so many children. I am delighted to be part of FCMG.

Judith Iacovou

Child Safeguarding, Trustee & Committee Member

It has been a real pleasure to witness my daughter’s enthusiasm for singing and all things musical since she started in the Beginners choir under Janie in 2013. The spirit and ethos of FCMG provides children with a fantastic framework in which to explore and develop their musicianship as they grow and I am very pleased to have been asked to give my support in an official capacity to this super organisation. I grew up in a musically appreciative family and have sung in various choirs and choral societies throughout my life, currently being a member of Finchley Choral Society. In my professional life I work in Clinical Governance and Compliance, specialising in the design and operational implementation of national Nurse programmes in the NHS.

Sarah Phillips


I have always enjoyed singing but my professional life has been in maths and then accountancy. I am a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England & Wales, a governor of King Alfred School and a trustee and treasurer of the Association of Governing Bodies of Independent Schools. My son Sammy joined FCMG in 1998 and my daughter Izzy started in the Infants a year later. Their time with FCMG gave them amazing experiences and a lifelong love of music and singing. Over the years, I have been involved with FCMG as Intermediates Administrator and as chaperone for tours, summer schools and concerts, I became Treasurer in 2005 and handed this role over in 2016. I enjoy children and enjoy seeing them grow and develop. I feel that singing with FCMG is a life changing experience and I would like it to be available to many children.

Polly Richards

Trustee & Committee Member

I have been an FCMG parent for 12 years with several more ahead of me! I have two children in senior choir who both started with Janie aged 4. They have benefited immensely from joining this community, both musically and socially, and hugely enjoy the performing opportunities that are starting to come their way. I am delighted to help this remarkable organisation in any way I can. I am a doctor, living in North West London.

Julian Saipe


I sang in FCMG from 1976 to 1981 and these were unforgettable and formative years. Today, my daughter Jessica (Yr 12) sings in the Senior and Chamber Choirs, and it has been a joy for me to watch her flourish in this wonderful community.

FCMG inspired my love of vocal performance, and I went on to sing professionally, 1996-2003, as a bass- baritone, which included six years at the Royal Opera House. After a decision to give up professional singing, I spent 15 years in business and have since retired from the event management company I founded. Today, I work as a Leadership Coach and support business leaders, executive teams, and boards to become their best possibility. I am also a trustee of three charities in the fields of education and international development.

Michael Brookes


Seeing my daughter’s musical experience and appreciation grow as she progresses through FCMG’s choirs has been delightful. We are very fortunate to have such an organisation focussing on the musical development of the young people in our community. I developed an interest in music while singing at school and in church choirs in Nottingham in my youth and I am now a member of the Crouch End Festival Chorus, so I also know first-hand the lifelong benefits that come from a musical education.

My professional life has largely been spent in financial institutions managing IT, operations and change. It would be a pleasure to serve on the board of FCMG as it continues to play its part in this wonderful choral tradition.

Laura Fazzolari

Committee Member & Uniforms

Anne Sellis

Membership Secretary & Committee Member

Debby Rossiter

Librarian & Committee Member

Catrin Dillon

Committee Member & Pastoral Support – Senior & Chamber