Join FCMG!

FCMG welcomes new singers of all ages.

New members are always welcome to join FCMG. Our Beginner and Intermediate Choirs are unauditioned and new singers may join at any point in the term. The choirs equip singers with a sound vocal and musical foundation, and they can move on to audition for Senior and Chamber Choir if they wish to do so.  But children may join FCMG at any age – it is not essential to have passed through the early stages of FCMG in order to audition for the Senior Choir.

The children and young people who make up FCMG are drawn from a wide variety of social, economic and cultural backgrounds. There are currently a little over 160 members of FCMG.

If you have a child who might be interested in joining FCMG please use the contact form below to tell us a little about the singer, their age and musical experience.  We will then get in contact with you to arrange a visit, trial session or audition as appropriate.

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    FCMG is absolutely committed to ensuring that all singers, who wish to, can access our choirs. Bursaries are available to assist with membership fees and in addition we established a Covid Emergency Fund in 2020, as we are acutely aware of the financial pressures the pandemic may have placed on parents. Please contact our Treasurer, Rouli Kalodiki at for a confidential conversation.

    Parent Volunteers

    FCMG is a registered charity. We have no premises of our own, but rehearse in rented space at a North London primary school. Apart from the music staff and a part-time General Manager, the choir is very much dependent on parents who voluntarily take on all other aspects of its organisation including fundraising, chaperoning etc. If you are able to help with this you can let us know in your membership form and we will be happy to welcome you to the team!