Sheet Music For Hire


FCMG has an extensive library of sheet music for hire, particularly for upper voices.

Please contact us if you would like to hire any copies.

Hire charges for a 16 week period are:

  • Sets of up to 50 copies £15 + p&p per set.
  • Sets of more than 50 copies £18 +p&p
  • Collections £18 per set +p&p

Normal maximum hire period is 16 weeks, a further hire charge of £5 will be made for each extra week.
Lost or damaged copies should be replaced by hirers, unless out of print, when a small charge will be made
to obtain an authorised photocopy


Composer Title Voice Publisher Copies
ARNOLD M Three Songs from the Tempest U Paterson 68
BENNETT. RR The Aviary U Universal 62
BENNETT. RR The Aviary Vocal Score Universal 3
BENNETT. RR The Insect World U Universal 93
BENNETT. RR The Insect World Vocal Score Universal 4
BESWICK. A Pick & Chose – 5 songs U Universal 40
BRITTEN B The Birds U Boosey & Hawkes 80
BRITTEN B Corpus Christi Carol U OUP 91
BRITTEN B Friday Afternoons U Boosey & Hawkes 45
BRITTEN B King Herod and The Cock U Boosey & Hawkes 88
CHEN. N Dodi Li U Boosey & Hawkes 42
COOMBES. D Carols of the Elements U SA Lindsay Music 41
COPE C The Apple U Boosey & Hawkes 36
EROD. I Milktooth Songs U Boosey & Hawkes 67
EROD. I Milktooth Songs Vocal Score Boosey & Hawkes 3
GOETZE. M Dormi Dormi U Boosey & Hawkes 40
GREGSON. E Fairground Songs U Boosey & Hawkes 40
HOLST G Eight Canons U Faber 13
JOSEPHS W Happitaphs U SA Boosey & Hawkes 42
LANGLAIS J Missa in Simplicitate U Editions Musicale de la Schola Cantorum 56
MAW N Calico Pie & other NRs U Boosey & Hawkes 31
MAW N Calico Pie & other NRs Vocal Score Boosey & Hawkes 3
MAW N Caroline Pink & other NRs U Boosey & Hawkes 37
MAW N Caroline Pink & other NRs Vocal Score Boosey & Hawkes 3
MAW N Round U Boosey & Hawkes 27
The Frog U PERRY. N OUP 32
PERRY N Old Mister Noah U OUP 5
QUILTER. R Non Nobis Domine U Boosey & Hawkes 99
RAO D (Ed) We Will Sing Vol 1 U Boosey & Hawkes 36
RAO D (Ed) We Will Sing Vol 2 U Boosey & Hawkes 40
RAO D (Ed) We Will Sing Vol 3 U SA Boosey & Hawkes 60
ROE B Moonsongs U Thames Elkin 30
RUTTER J The Shepherd’s Pipe Carol U OUP 46
SEIBER. M The Handsome Butcher U Curwen 11
WARLOCK P Ballulalow U OUP 38


Sight Singing


Composer Title Voice Publisher Copies
APPLEBY Sing at Sight OUP 22
CROCKER & LEAVITT Essential Sightsinging Vol 1 Hal Leonard 20
CROCKER & LEAVITT Essential Sightsinging Vol 2 Hal Leonard 15


Upper Voices


Composer Title Voices Publisher Copies
ARCH G Carnival – based on Saint-Saëns Carnival SSA Faber 46
ARLEN H Somewhere over the Rainbow SSAA Alfred Publishing 45
ASTON. P 3 Shakespeare Songs SSA Novello 23
BARTOK. B Enchanting Song SSA Boosey & Hawkes 52
BARTOK. B Hussar SA Boosey & Hawkes 79
BARTOK. B Only Tell Me SA Boosey & Hawkes 42
BARTOK. B Spring SSA Boosey & Hawkes 37
BARTOK. B The Wooing of a Girl SSA Boosey & Hawkes 48
BENNETT RR All the King’s Men SA Universal 40
BENNETT RR All the King’s Men Vocal Score Universal 2
BENNETT RR Balulalow SSA Universal 68
BENNETT RR Dormi Jesu SSA Universal 25
BERTAUX. B Pick a Bale of Cotton SA Boosey & Hawkes 42
BRIDGE. F The Graceful Swaying wattle SA Boosey & Hawkes 47
BRIDGE. F The Goslings SA Novello 63
BRIDGE. F Peter Piper SSA Boosey & Hawkes 85
BRITTEN B Missa Brevis SSA Boosey & Hawkes 61
BRITTEN B Missa Brevis Vocal Score Boosey & Hawkes 1
BRITTEN B Ceremony of Carols SSA Boosey & Hawkes 74
BRITTEN B Children’s Crusade Choral Scores Faber 85
BRITTEN B Fancie SSA Boosey & Hawkes 58
BRITTEN B The Golden Vanity Choral Scores Faber 53
BRITTEN B The Little Sweep SA Boosey & Hawkes 26
BRITTEN B Noyes Fludde Choral Scores Boosey & Hawkes 49
BRITTEN B Noyes Fludde Vocal Score Boosey & Hawkes 14
BRITTEN B Noyes Fludde Full Score Boosey & Hawkes 1
BRITTEN B Noyes Fludde Orchestral Parts Boosey & Hawkes /td>
BRITTEN B Psalm 150 SA Boosey & Hawkes 85
BRITTEN B Psalm 150 Vocal Score Boosey & Hawkes 2
BRITTEN B Psalm 150 Orchestral Parts Boosey & Hawkes 2
BRITTEN B Rejoice in the Lamb SSAA Boosey & Hawkes 47
BRITTEN B The Oxen SA Faber 10
BRITTEN B Three Two Part Songs SA OUP 87
BRITTEN B War Requiem SA Boosey & Hawkes 60
BRAHMS J 8 Romantic Partsongs SSAA Faber 85
BULLARD A Scots Nativity SA OUP 35
CARTER A Maiden Most Gentle SSA OUP 88
CARTER A Mistletoe carol SAA OUP 58
CARTER A Sweet was the Song the Virgin Sang SS OUP 92
CHESNOKOV P Cherubic Hymn SSAA Musica Russica 43
CHESNOKOV P Gladsome Light SSAA Musica Russica 48
CHILCOTT B Music to Hear SA OUP 71
COLLINS C Chatter with the Angels SA Boosey & Hawkes 42
COOMBES D The Ship That Never Returned & Bobby Shaftoe SSA Roberton Publications 25
COOMBES D The Three Kings SSA Lindsay Music 39
COPLAND. A I bought me a Cat SSA Boosey & Hawkes 52
COPLAND. A Long Time Ago SSA Boosey & Hawkes 9
COPLAND. A The Little Horses SSA Boosey & Hawkes 32
COPLAND. A Simple Gifts SA Boosey & Hawkes 27
CROSSE G Holly From The Bongs SSA OUP 27
CROSSE G Meet My Folks SA OUP 64
CROSSE G Meet My Folks Full Score OUP 1
CROSSE G Rats Away SA OUP 50
CROSSE G Rats Away Score OUP 1
CROSSE G Rats Away Orchestral Parts OUP
CROSSE G Two Christmas Songs SA OUP 25
DAVIDSON C Baroque Suite SSA Ashbourne Music 69
DAVIDSON C A Singing of Angels SSA Ashbourne Music 40
DAVIES PM Alma Redemptoris Mater SSAA Schott 37
DAVIES PM Five Carols SSA Boosey & Hawkes 47
DAVIES PM Kirkwall Shopping Songs SA Boosey & Hawkes 11
DAVIES PM Kirkwall Shopping Songs Vocal Score Boosey & Hawkes 1
DAVIES PM Kirkwall Shopping Songs Full Score Boosey & Hawkes 1
DAVIES PM Kirkwall Shopping Songs Percussion Boosey & Hawkes
DAVIES PM Shall I Die for Mannis Sake? SA Boosey & Hawkes 28
DURUFLE. M Tota Pulcra Es SSA Editions Durand 80
ELGAR E The Snow SSA Novello 62
ELGAR E As Torrents in Summer SSA Novello 63
ELLIOT. D The Shenendoah Blues SA Boosey & Hawkes 82
FAURE. G Messe Basse,Cantique De JR, Ave Verum SA SSA Novello 92
FAURE. G From 6 Motets for Upper Voices SSA Faber 50
FINZI. G Dead in the Cold SA Boosey & Hawkes 90
FINZI. G There’s Snow on the Fields SA Boosey & Hawkes 90
FRANK. C Panis Angelicus SA Edwin Ashdown 71
GARDNER. J The Holly & The Ivy SSA OUP 86
GARDNER. J Five Hymns in Popular Style SSA OUP 72
GARDNER. J Tomorrow Shall be my Dancing Day SSA OUP 84
GERMAN. E Orpheus with his Lute SA Novello 65
GERMAN. E Rolling Down to Rio SA Novello 86
GIBBS C A Five Eyes SA Boosey & Hawkes 86
GOETZE. M The Angel Gabriel SA Boosey & Hawkes 35
HATFIELD S Odi Odi SSA Boosey & Hawkes 82
HEAD M Star Candles SA Boosey & Hawkes 93
HELMS SUTCLIFFE J Let us go a carolling SSA Boosey & Hawkes 40
HINTON A At Christmas be Merry SSSS OUP 39
HOLST G Ave Maria SSAA Laudy & Co 47
HOLST G Four Carols SSA Bailey & Ferguson 78
HOLST G Lullay My Liking SSAA Curwen 41
HOLST G Rig Veda 3 SSAA Stainer & Bell 66
HOLST I Twenty Traditional Folksongs SSAA Faber 52
HOWELLS H Piping Down The Valleys Wild SA Boosey & Hawkes 69
HUGH R Kenya Melodies SSA Boosey & Hawkes 81
IRELAND J See How the Morning Smiles SA Banks 57
JANACEK L Die Wolfsspur SSAA Edition Supraphon 24
JENNINGS C A Menagerie of Songs SS & U Hal Leonard 46
JOSEPHS W Protégé Moi SSA Boosey & Hawkes 30
KESSELMAN. L Mbiri Kuna Mwara SSA Boosey & Hawkes 80
KESSELMAN. L Shalom Friends SA Boosey & Hawkes 81
KODALY. Z Ave Maria SSA Universal 85
KODALY. Z Biania Hungaria Vol 1 (Kodaly Method) SA Boosey & Hawkes 25
KODALY. Z Biania Hungaria Vol 2 (Kodaly Method) SA Boosey & Hawkes 27
KODALY. Z Christmas Dance of the Shepherds SA Universal 88
KODALY. Z A Christmas Carol SSA OUP 52
KODALY. Z Evening Song SSA Boosey & Hawkes 50
KODALY. Z Fancy SSA Boosey & Hawkes 40
KODALY. Z Gipsy Lament SSA OUP 102
KODALY. Z Ladybird SSA Boosey & Hawkes 97
KODALY. Z Mountain Nights SSA Universal 19
KODALY. Z Psalm 150 SSA OUP 58
KODALY. Z See the Gypsies SSA OUP 55
KODALY. Z The Swallows Wooing SSA OUP 81
KODALY. Z Wainamoien Makes Music SSAA Boosey & Hawkes 35
LANDOWSKI M The Witch of the Broomcupboard Choral Scores Editions Salabert 30
LANDOWSKI M The Witch of the Broomcupboard Vocal Score Editions Salabert 28
LEIGHTON. K An Easter Sequence SA OUP 98
LUTOWSLASKI W About Mr Tralallinski SSA Chester 55
LUTOWSLASKI W Three Children’s Songs SSA Chester 68
LUTOWSLASKI W Two Nightingales SSA Chester 51
MACHONCHY. E Two Epitaphs SSA Chester 66
MAHLER. G Boys Chorus from 8th Symphony SA Universal 38
MACMILLAN J Sonnet SS Boosey & Hawkes 70
MARTINU. B The Birth of our Lord SSA Boosey & Hawkes 87
MARTINU. B The Birth of our Lord Violin Parts Boosey & Hawkes 2
MARTINU. B Three Part Songs SSA Boosey & Hawkes 96
MATHIAS. W O Aula Nobilis SSA OUP 61
MENDELSSOHN F 2 Motets SSA Edition Wilhelm Hansen 60
MOERAN The Lover & his Lass SS Novello 27
MONTIVERDI C Ave Maria SSA Annie Bank Amsterdam 24
NEAUM M. Wind in the Olive Trees SA OUP 40
OLDHAM. A I sing of a Maiden SS Boosey & Hawkes 20
OXLEY. H Mater Orum Filium SA Novello 86
PATTERSON The Red Riding Hood Songbook SSAA Joseph Weinburger 60
PINKHAM. D Te Deum SA Robert King Music 80
PINKHAM. D Te Deum 3 Trumpet Parts Robert King Music
POULENC. F Ave Maria SSA RRicordi 95
POULENC. F Litanies a La Vierge Noire SSA REditions Durand 61
POULENC. F Petits Voix SSA REditions Salabert 88
RHEINBURGER Mass in G SSA RCarus Verlag 66
RHEINBURGER Mass in G Vocal Score RCarus Verlag 1
ROE B A Cat’s Tale SA RThames Publishing 46
ROE B A Cat’s Tale Libretto RThames Publishing 15
ROSSITER (ARR) The Angel Gabriel SSA 54
RUTTER J The Angel’s Carol SA ROUP 36
SAINT-SAENS C From 6 Motets for Upper Voices SA SSAA RFaber 50
SALLINEN. A Songs from the Sea SSAA RNovello 71
SAXTON. R The Child of Light SS RChester 50
SCHUBERT. F Three Part Songs SSAA RFaber 82
SLESSOR De Virgin Mary had a Baby Boy SSAA RBoosey & Hawkes 82
SWAYNE. G Alleluia SSA RNovello 76
TIPPETT M Crown of the Year SSA RSchott 40
TIPPETT M Crown of the Year Orchestral Parts RSchott 40
WALKER. R Three Early English Lyrics SSAA RJoseph Weinburger 49
WARLOCK. P Lullaby SSA RBoosey & Hawkes 50
WARLOCK. P The First Mercy SSA RBoosey & Hawkes 80
WILLIAMSON M Julius Caesar Jones Choral Scores RJoseph Weinburger 26
WILLIAMSON M Julius Caesar Jones Vocal Score RJoseph Weinburger 7
WILLIAMSON M Julius Caesar Jones Libretto RJoseph Weinburger 1
WILLIAMSON M The Valley & the Hill Choral Scores RCampion Press 31
WILLIAMSON M The Valley & the Hill Vocal Score RCampion Press 1


Collections for Upper Voices


Composer Title Voices Publisher Copies
LEDGER Ed Anthems for Choirs 3 SSA OUP 105
DART Ed Invitation to Madrigals SSA Stainer & Bell 90
L’ESTRANGE Ed Songs of a Rainbow Nation SS Faber 53
HALSEY Ed English Edwardian Part Songs SA SSA Faber 85
RUTTER J Ed Three Opera Choruses SSA OUP 70


SATB – Soprano, Alto, Tenor & Bass


HOGAN MElijah RockSATBHal Leonard45

Composer Title Voices Publisher Copies
BACH JS Komm Jesu Komm SATB Bärenreiter 45
BARBER. S Heaven-Haven SATB Shirmer 43
BARBER. S Sure on this shining night SATB Shirmer 38
BARTOK B The Wanderer SATB Boosey& Hawkes 40
BRITTEN B Ceremony of Carols SATB Boosey& Hawkes 10
BRITTEN B A Hymn to the Virgin SATB Boosey& Hawkes 44
BRITTEN B We are the darkness in the heart SATB Boosey& Hawkes 16
BRITTEN B St Nicolas Vocal Score Boosey& Hawkes 18
BRITTEN B St Nicolas Choral Score Boosey& Hawkes 15
BRITTEN B Spring Symphony Vocal Score Boosey& Hawkes 3
BRUCKNER. A Locus Iste SATB Peters 44
BRUCKNER. A Virga Jesse Floruit SATB Peters 9
BRUCKNER. A Six Motets for Mixed Voices SATB Faber 40
CARTER A Miserabile Mysterium SATB OUP 18
CARTER A No Man is an Island SATB OUP 38
CARTER A Dashing Away with the Smoothing Iron SATB Banks 35
COAKLEY. D Donkey Riding SATB Leslie Music 31
COPLAND A Long Time Ago SATB Boosey& Hawkes 36
COPLAND A At the River SATB Boosey& Hawkes 30
COPLAND A Simple Gifts TB Boosey& Hawkes 27
DAVIES. P M Shepherds’ Calendar Boosey& Hawkes SATB 88
DAVIES. P M O Magnum Mysterium SATB Schott 17
DAVIES. P M O Magnum Mysterium Orchestral Parts Schott
DURUFLÉ M Tantum Ergo SATB Editions Durand
DURUFLÉ M Tu es Petrus SATB Editions Durand 30
DURUFLÉ M Ubi Caritas SATB Editions Durand 27
FAURÉ G Requiem SATB Novello 37
FINZI G Songs of Frank Bridges Full Score SATB Boosey& Hawkes 1
FINZI G My Spirit Sang All Day SATB Boosey& Hawkes 53
FINZI G Nightingales SAT Boosey& Hawkes 9
FINZI G Haste On My Joys SATB Boosey& Hawkes 46
FINZI G Wherefore Tonight so full of Care SATB Boosey& Hawkes 9
GARDNER. J Tomorrow Shall be my Dancing Day SATB OUP 84
GILBERT & SULLIVAN Choruses from Operas Bk 1 SATB Faber 22
GRANGER P Brigg Fair SATB Schott 35
HANDEL G Messiah And the Glory SATB Novello 40
HANDEL G Messiah Glory to God SATB OUP 40
HANDEL G Messiah Hallelujah Chorus SATB Novello 40
HATFIELD. S Jubula Jesu SATB Boosey& Hawkes 32
HOLST. G Nunc Dimittis SATB Novello 30
HOLST. G Lullay My Liking SATB Version Curwen 11
HOLST. G Hymn of Jesus SATB Stainer & Bell 20
HOWELLS H Spotless Rose SATB Stainer & Bell 44
JOEL B And so it Goes SATB Hal Leonard 55
IVES G. O Sacrum Convivium SATB Encore Publications 37
IVES G. Name that Tune SATB Banks 20
LALOUX F Salutaris,Tantum Ergo, Adoremus SATB Magnificat Music 30
LEONTOVICH M Carol of the Bells SATB Carl Fischer Music 30
MACMILLAN J The Gallant Weaver SATB Boosey& Hawkes 40
MATHIAS W Old Sir Christemas SATB OUP 17
MAW N The Angel Gabriel SATB Boosey& Hawkes 40
MAW N Round SATB Boosey& Hawkes 27
MENDELSSOHN F 4 Sacred Partsongs SATB Faber 48
PÄRT A Da Pacem Domine SATB Universal 40
PINKHAM. D Te Deum TB Robert King Music 80
PINKHAM. D Te Deum Trumpet Parts Robert King Music 3
POULENC F Margoton va ta l’iau SATB Editions Salabert 35
PURCELL H Thou Knowest Lord SATB Novello 49
PURCELL H Hear My Prayer, O Lord SATB Novello 48
PURCELL H Remember not Lord, Our Offences SATB Novello 40
QUILTER R To Daffodils SATB Boosey& Hawkes 38
QUILTER R To Daisies SATB Boosey& Hawkes 48
RACHMANINOFF S We Hymn Thee SATB Musica Russica 10
RUTTER J The Holly and The Ivy SATB OUP 44
STANFORD CV The Blue Bird SATB Stainer & Bell 42
STANFORD CV 3 Motets SATB Boosey& Hawkes 43
STRAVINSKY I Credo SATB Boosey& Hawkes 37
TAVERNER. J The Lamb SATB Chester 40
TAVERNER. J Love Bade Me Welcome SATB Chester 33
TCHAIKOVSKY P Milost Mira (A Mercy of Peace) SATB Musica Russica 19
TIPPETT. M Spirituals from Child of Our Time SATB Schott 35
TOCH. E Geographical Fugue SATB Belwyn Mills 10
TOCH. E Valse SATB Belwyn Mills 10
VAUGHAN WILLIAMS Fantasia on a theme of Christmas Carols SATB Stainer & Bell 21
VILLETTE P Hymne a la Vierge SATB Editions Durand 22
VIVALDI. A Beatus Vir SATB Ricordi 17
WILLIAMSON. M Epiphany Carol SATB Joseph Weinburger 51


Collections for SATB and SSA- Soprano, Alto, Tenor & Bass


Composer Title Voice Publisher Copies
JACKSON Ed Anthems for Choirs 1 SATB OUP 30
MORRIS Ed Anthems for Choirs 4 SATB OUP 40
RUTTER Ed European Sacred Music SATB OUP 40
ARCH Ed Fly Me to the Moon SSA Faber 65
BROWN Ed French Chansons SATB Faber 33
BLEZZARD Ed Passiontide Masterworks SATB Faber 49
ALLWOOD Ed By Popular Request SATB Novello 48
HARE Ed Novello Barbershop Songbook TB Novello 17